Journey Into Pregnancy, Guided Explorations Into the 1st Trimester

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       Journey Into Pregnancy is a meditative series of intentional explorations for the expectant mother as she journeys from conception through birth.  This is the 2nd album in the 4 CD series.
Other albums include:
       The first trimester is a time of profound mental and physical change. As it can be wonderful one moment and overwhelming the next, It is important to take time to relax and check in with yourself. These passages will guide you as you endeavor to trust, embrace, and even direct the changes happening in your body and your life.
       Stacey Martino is a Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga teacher, trained to teach at Golden Bridge and The Bhakti Shala, both in Los Angeles, CA. She received her MFA from The New School for Social Research in NY and has been teaching relaxation and sensory techniques to actors, directors, artists, pregnant women and people effected by homelessness and trauma since 1998. She was trained through Marshal Rosenberg's Parenting Peer Leadership Program and is committed to living and sharing the gifts of compassionate parenting. She serves on the boards of several nonprofits including i-Act, Family Heart Camp and Serve the Warrior. She is a wife and the mother of two home birthed daughters and is expecting her third child.
  • “Meditation itself is a state that has been explored, described, taught and defined both in depth and eloquently by many different people and schools of thought. At its core, it is a practice in which an individual trains the mind to induce a state of consciousness that aids in the development of awareness, space, concentration, clarity, attention and insight. This series of internal exercises draws on my experience with many different teachers from particular lineages steeped in meditation, visualization and sensory techniques. The intention of this series of recordings is to offer a hybrid of these very specific and respected techniques that speaks directly to the needs of a pregnant woman and her family.” - Stacey

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Digital Album $ 11.99
Physical CD $ 14.99
Digital Tracks
1. Introduction (2:03)
2. Trusting the Changes in Your Body (10:54)
3. Energizing (6:31)
4. Embracing the Journey (10:07)
5. Meeting Your Baby (9:01)
6. Safe Baby, Healthy Baby (7:59)
7. Directing the Change (8:23)
8. Inviting Your Partner (11:39)

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