Our 2nd Babymoon got me thinking

Posted on September 02, 2010 by Curtis Williams

So my wife, daughter and I are heading to Big Bear for what could possibly be our last family outing before daughter #2 arrives (if you're not familiar, Big Bear is a mountain town with a lake a couple hours east of Los Angeles - skiing in the winter, boating in the summer.  We love it there).  We're calling this a second Babymoon.  I'm not sure that exists - can you have a babymoon with a toddler?  Sure, why not?  It's the aughts, dammit, and we aught to have babymoon with a baby, I say!  That was weird...anyway...that got me thinking, folks obviously call it a "babymoon" in reference to "honeymoon", but where the heck did "honeymoon" come from? I always thought a honeymoon was when your "honey" got to see your full "moon" for the first time. Turns out that's not entirely accurate.  Honey refers to the sweet time after a couple gets married and the moon refers to how long that lasts which is equivalent to how long it takes the moon to wax to full and then wane to nearly nothing...which is one month!  One month?!  What a terrible tradition to have in our society: "My wife and I just got married and now we're off to Hawaii for our month of sweetness and then we'll be taking the red-eye back stateside where we will trudge into our joined life of blandness...thanks for the cake plate!"

I guess that's why we created babymoons; to taste that sweetness again with just the two of us before we have to share it with a stinky little stranger who doesn't pay rent.  So I guess in those terms, a 2nd babymoon is a celebration of the sweet threesome that will no longer be, a time to give undivided love and attention to that tiny person who is no longer not just a stranger, but rather more a part of you than your own body.  A big bear, my honey, my baby and the moon - sounds pretty sweet to me.

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