Bonding Beyond Music

Posted on October 01, 2014 by Bellybuds

There are so many miracles wrapped into a pregnancy. From conception to birth, babies and parents experience a range of monumental growths. For moms, the joy of having a little tiny bud evolve into a precious baby over nine months is truly life changing. Dads get to marvel at his partner’s growing belly and feel the bumps and kicks of his baby-to-be. Other family and friends wait anxiously on the prenatal sidelines for their chance to welcome the new arrival into the world.

While our Bellybuds’ team has done extensive research on the effects of music on developing babies in the womb, we’ve also immersed ourselves in studies regarding other sounds and voices to help bond with babies in utero. And with this research, the VoiceShare® recording network was birthed to accompany our Bellybuds | Baby-Bump Sound System. VoiceShare (a premium service included with the Deluxe option) aids in bonding with babies in the womb by allowing family, friends and loved ones near or far to record special, personalized messages for parents to play to the baby via Bellybuds.

Mom using Bellybuds in office

The unique aspect of VoiceShare is that it allows loved ones who are unable to be physically close to the expecting mom to share in the experience of her pregnancy and start forming lasting bonds with the baby, all before he/she is born. The recording network has proven especially special for surrogate and military families.

For fathers in the military, serving our country far away from home, just being able to record stories, or sing a lullaby for babies gives an extra feeling of connectedness. As moms repeatedly play these recordings from dad, it introduces and reinforces dad’s voice – which babies can recognize upon birth. In the womb, a fetus’ memory skills begin to develop around 30 weeks. By playing recorded messages through VoiceShare, it can aid in babies remembering dad’s voice.  One mom recently shared with us on, “I especially love VoiceShare because my husband is deployed and will not be back until I am 31 weeks pregnant. So I am able to play a message that he records for her, directly to her. Such a blessing!”

For parents utilizing a surrogate, the recording network is a fantastic way to develop a bond with their baby, as well. In some instances, surrogacy arrangements may not allow for constant contact between the surrogate mom and expecting parents. With VoiceShare, surrogate moms can play special messages from the parents daily to their growing bellies. The babies can then become familiar with their parents’ voice – aiding in transitions after birth.

In other instances, it could be a relative, like a grandparent or aunt/uncle, that would like to record messages for the baby to hear in the womb. As one customer stated in a recent review, “With the help of Bellybuds and VoiceShare, my twins just spent the morning listening to their Aunt Tammy sing songs and read them stories. Getting my boys moving is important now because they are so little. Hearing their Auntie’s voice from afar was so amazing and they reacted to her voice right away. I’m so grateful.”

Be it a traditional family lullaby, a story passed down through generations, loved ones don’t have to wait to share these special things for when the baby is born. The learning and sharing can begin in the womb.

Your baby is indeed listening and it’s never too early to start building life-long connections. For more information on VoiceShare, visit: