Expecting Moms Share Their Bellybuds Story

Posted on July 16, 2014 by Bellybuds

Over the years, one of the best benefits of growing Bellybuds as a company, has been hearing countless stories from expecting parents on how they're able to use the product to bond with their baby. In our office, we simply light up every time a new email, tweet, Instagram or Facebook post comes across our computer screens. We favorite and share links to YouTube videos from around the world, with moms showing off their Bellybuds and sharing their stories. We especially get a laugh at some of the rockin' playlists babies in the wombs are listening to. 

To share some of these amazing stories, we're incorporating a new feature into our blog entitled, "Glowing Moms"

Our first featured "Glowing Mom" is Gabriela from Southern California. Gabriela is expecting her second child and this time around was looking for a more comfortable way to play music to her baby in the womb.

With her first child, she wrapped headphones around her belly (we hear this a lot), but it was uncomfortable and she couldn't move off the couch while playing music to the baby. One try with Bellybuds and she was hooked. Gabriela shared that she's now able to play music while working out, running errands and even playing the baby special recorded messages from dad and her oldest child.

Check out Gabriela's video for more on her story.